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Yucatan Peninsula border towns ready for Earl

Tulum, Q.R. —  Nearly 600 fishermen in Banco Chinchorro and Punta Allen have been evacuated ahead of Tropical Storm Earl.

Manuel Fernández Monforte Brito, Vice-Admiral of the Naval Zone, said that the evacuees have been moved to a safe place as a precaution to the upcoming storm.

“We are prepared for any contingency that arises during and after the passage of the tropical storm by the municipality of Othón P. Blanco,” he said.

Tropical Storm Earl is set for Belize City, however, officials are cautious that the storm could cause damage to nearby areas including Tulum, Felipe Carrillo Puerto, Jose Maria Morelos, Bacalar and Othon P. Blanco.

Weather alerts have been extended to the municipalities of Tulum, Felipe Carrillo Puerto, Jose Maria Morelos, Bacalar and Othon P. Blanco due to the proximity of the storm with the Quintana Roo coast.

Authorities from Civil Protection of Quintana Roo said that on instruction from the Interior Ministry, they have issued a Green Alert from the municipality of Tulum to Othón P. Blanco. Mayors in those areas have been asked to take the necessary preventive measures and carry out the evacuation of areas that could be at risk.

Juan Granados, coordinator of Civil Protection, explained that Tropical Storm Earl entered the Central Caribbean on Sunday and has since evolved into a tropical storm. He added that there will be monitoring of the border with Campeche in the event of heavy rains and runoff that could occur in the region.

Tropical Storm Earl is not expected to gain hurricane status. The storm is set to hit Belize City and the Yucatan Peninsula late Wednesday.

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