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Work to begin converting Auditorio del Bienestar de Cancun into C5 command center

Cancun, Q.R. — State officials have said that the work to convert the unused Auditorio del Bienestar de Cancun into a C5 command center will begin next week.

State governor, Carlos Joaquín González, indicated that the installation of security cameras in the entrances and exits archways of the state will begin next week as a starting point to have a new C5 in operation within a period of 12 months.

“We hope that next week we will begin with the construction of the C5 and video surveillance cameras in the entry and exit arches of the state,” he said.

He explained that in this first stage there is an investment of two million peso, in what he described as a very ambitious project that they expect to conclude in 12 months. In the meantime, the current C4 command center in Cancun will continue operating as usual.

The governor said that they have already received approval to use and adapt the Auditorio del Bienestar de Cancun for a new C5 command center.

“It is perfectly located and in a strategic place, however, we have to make several modifications because what it was originally created for does not work for what we intend to have and operate there,” he explained.

The Auditorio del Bienestar de Cancun was a 245 million peso project built during the Borge administration to host large public events such as concerts, sporting events and political rallies.

The building has a capacity for 12,000, however, the completed building was deemed unsafe by Civil Protection since is lacked basic emergency exits and fire protocols. For this reason, the building has sat vacant for several years.