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Winds from cold front cause small vessel port closure at Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres, Q.R. — The cold front that has moved into the region has caused the closure of ports to small vessels at Isla Mujeres.

The closure was made due to the high wind gusts that have arrived with the cool air mass. Cold Front No. 12 has blanketed the region from Isla Mujeres to Riviera Maya for a few days, bringing with it cool air, high winds and interment rain showers.

The port captaincy at Isla Mujeres confirmed that although this particular cold front has not arrived with winds as strong as Cold Front 10 a few weeks ago, it has still caused the temporary closure of vessels under 40 feet for the island.

However, navigation for the interior of the bay of Isla Mujeres has been authorized, but with extreme precautions.

The vessel closure is temporary and was implemented at mid-day for the island. Weather forecasters have not said when the weather pattern is expected to pass the region.