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While southern crops flood, livestock farmers praise the rains

Chetumal, Q.R. — With more than 3,000 hectares of land remaining under water in the south of the state, livestock farmers in the central region say they are grateful for the heavy rains.

The Ministry of Rural Agricultural Development and Fisheries of Quintana Roo estimate that the heavy rains in June left 3,118 hectares of land severely damaged, affecting 2,500 agriculture producers.

The undersecretary of Agriculture of the Ministry of Agricultural Development, Antonio Rico Lomelí explained that in conjunction with federal and municipal agencies, they have analyzed damaged crops in the municipalities of Bacalar, Lázaro Cárdenas and Felipe Carrillo Puerto.

He said that work is being done to activate the Catastrophic Agricultural Insurance policy to support the production sectors most damaged by the floods.

He pointed out that in total there are more than 12,000 hectares of crops of corn, papaya, pumpkin, chihua, pitahaya, habanero pepper, watermelon, tomato, melon and coconut with floods affecting approximately one-quarter of the land.

Raúl Méndez Briceño, president of the Livestock Association of Solidarity

However, livestock farmers around Playa del Carmen say they remain grateful for the heavy rains that saved them from the drought they were experiencing.

Raúl Méndez Briceño, president of the Livestock Association of Solidarity, said that, as the saying goes, “there are no two happinesses” because although the rains caused havoc to many, they proved beneficial to the central farmers.

“The rains came and caused the pastures to grow and the paddocks to grow,” said the livestock farmer, adding that the rainfall put an end to the drought that heavily jeopardized their sector this season.

Rico Lomelí added that not all the planting is in jeopardy, but that they will continue to monitor crops in the coming days.