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Weekend check stop sees 43 sent to jail

Cancun, Q.R. – Over the course of the weekend, local police performed check stops at a major traffic artery in Cancun that resulted in 43 drivers being sent to jail.

In an attempt to reduce the number of accidents in the city of Cancun, the Municipal Secreatriat of Public Saftery and Traffic set up a breathalyer check stop along a busy street in Cancun. From Thursday to Saturday, 800 vehicles were pulled over.

Project head, Jose Luis Jonathan Yong Mendoza, noted that 43 people were sent to the Cancun Retention Center for between 20 and 36 hours for impared driving. Of those sent to jail, 38 were men and five, women.

Thursday to Friday 312 vehciles were check-stopped with 48 drivers detected as being under the influence. They were all given breathalyzer tests of which 19 failed (17 men and two women). During the Friday to Saturday traffic filter, 488 vehicles were checked resulting in 74 breathlyzers being issued. Of those, 24 failed (21 men and three women).

As is customary when failing a breathlyzer test, the drunk drivers were arrested and sent to jail for a mandatory period of between 20 and 36 hours. Their vehicles were also towed to the city pound for processing.


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