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Weapons shipment found at Cancun airport

Cancun, Q.R. — An on site police dog is responsible for the discovery of a weapons shipment that was being sent through the Cancun International Airport.

Several boxes of 9-millimeter cartridges were sniffed out by one of the airport’s dogs. The dog made the find after federal agents were reviewing parcels making their way through the airport.

In a statement, authorities said that through their continual Titan-Shield program, random inspections were done on courier and parcel companies. They explained that after a review of a shipment with a company called Envia, they found a brown box that contained 500 Lawman Ammunition cartridges with an approximate weight of 6,600 Kilograms.

The ammunition was confiscated by the state.

Federal authorities at the Cancun airport carrying out the constant inspections are part of the Regional Security Divisions and Federal Forces of the Federal Police.