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Walmart employees walk out for unfair profit payments

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. – Walmart workers in Playa del Carmen continue with a strike due to unfair profit payouts.

Walmart workers participate in PTU, Participation of Workers in Profits, that in 2016 averaged 2,000 peso per person. However, this year, the PTU for some was paid out at 27 peso.

Luis Sánchez manager of Walmart la Cruz said, “We are talking with partners to understand their concerns.”

Claudia Shol, a Walmart employee, said that most of her colleagues received between 300 and 400 pesos, “In other years we have received 2,800 or 3,000 pesos. It is not fair. This year was different.”

The lowest profit shared paid out was 22 pesos. “We ask for the fair profit for which we have worked for.”

The protesting strikes of Walmart workers is also felt in other area of the company including Aurerra – Walmart’s low-cost warehouse store – where employees say they will not re-enter the store until they too, have been paid what they are owed, noting some Aurerra employees were paid only 27 peso for profit sharing.

Other Walmart store employees around Mexico are also threatening with protest strikes until the situation is resolved. The workforce for Playa del Carmen Walmart totals more than 160 employees.