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Volunteers surface half a ton of garbage in a one kilometer stretch

Cozumel, Q.R. – While the past week has seen hundreds participate in international beach clean ups from Cancun to Tulum, others have taken it a step further with an underwater clean up.

About 50 people from the Centro de Estudios Tecnológicos del Mar y del Instituto Cumbres along with volunteers took to the waters of Cozumel to remove masses of garbage from the seabed. They chose the highly utilized area of Las Casitas in the northern part of the island.

After cleaning more than a kilometer of the sea’s floor, volunteer garbage collectors surfaced with more than half a ton of garbage. Garbage ranging from plastic, to glass bottles, rubber hoses, metal, cutlery and even automobile tires were extracted from the seabed, brought to the surface and transported to the landfill.

The volunteers cleaned underwater from the military garrison to the beach at the Port Authority of Quintana Roo. Some Ecology and Environment management staff took the opportunity to clean the surface beach areas as well. There were lifeguards on site to ensure everyone was safe during the cleanup.

The director of Ecology and Environment of the municipality of Cozumel, Rafael Chacon Diaz, says that our oceans constitute about 97 percent of living species on the planet because three quarters of the globe is covered with water.

“Hence the importance of conservation and instilling this understanding in the younger generation,” he said.

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