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Volunteers haul 3.8 tons of garbage from Cancun lagoon

Cancun, Q.R. – Despite less than favorable weather conditions, local volunteers hauled more than 3.8 tons of garbage from Cancun’s Nichupte Lagoon.

Approximately 280 locals took to cleaning the highly used lagoon in Cancun’s Hotel Zone this past weekend, who, despite heavy rains and wind, volunteered their efforts to clean the area.

Director of Municipal Ecology, Felipe Villanueva Silva, reported that volunteers, activists and students withdrew more than 3.8 tons of solid waste from the Nichupte Lagoon system. The cleanup spanned more than 6 kilometers and involved 85 people in eight boats. The boats managed to collect about two tons of garbage from the water.

The garbage consisted of plastic containers and bags, paper, product wrappers, scrap metal, electronic equipment, glass, tires, cans and even four boats. Crews managed to pull four sunken and adondoned boats from the bottom of the lagoon.

Those who stuck to cleaning the land covered a vast 12-kilometer area. Those volunteers collected 1.8 tons of bottle caps, food wrappers, discarded toys and cigarette butts from around the popular mangrove.

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