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Vineyards in Mexico attracting hundreds of thousands of wine loving tourists

Santiago de Querétaro, Querétaro — Mexico vineyards are a growing tourist attraction as wineries in the region of Santiago de Querétaro draw record numbers.

The Route of Art, Cheese and Wine recorded 700,000 tourists during the last year, putting state wine tourism on the map said Querétaro governor Francisco Domínguez Servién.  He says today, the tourist route has grown to include the participation of 26 vineyards and 11 artisan cheese factories of the region.

During a recent Autumn Gala vintage festival, the Under Secretary of Federal Tourism Innovation and Development, Rubén Gerardo Corona González, as well as state authorities Domínguez Servién recognized the progress that wine tourism has made in Querétaro.

With the support of wine entrepreneurs and the tourism sector of the region, in coordination with the local Tourism and Culture Secretariats, the interest in Mexico wine has grown considerably.

“We are promoting the route very hard. We have a lot of success which is reflected in the fact that we went from four harvests to 11 and receive an average of 700,000 tourists who book the wine tours with lodging.”

The governor said that the Autumn Gala will be an itinerant event, “which in future editions, will include other regions such as Jalpan de Serra, the capital of the state, among other municipalities.”

“The Autumn Gala is a way of saying thank you. Thanks to all of you who, during this year, collaborated with us in the promotion of Querétaro as a tourist destination of excellence,” added the Secretary of Tourism of the state, Hugo Burgos García.

He mentioned that the event arose from the idea of generating a “great closure”, after having a year with important development in the tourism sector where the Art, Cheese and Wine route has been regaining relevance.

The head of the State Sectur recognized that the development of wine tourism adds to the production of world-class cheeses by Queretaro producers, as well as the exhibition of artistic works of the region.

“Know what we have, what we produce, and know above all, that in Queretaro we offer unlimited experiences”, emphasized Burgos.

Governor Domínguez Servién added that the best route to the future is precisely to promote the human and cultural wealth of Querétaro and Mexico.