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Village of Akumal continues with conflict struggles

Akumal, Q.R. – Residents of Akuml find themselves in another confrontation with local cooperatives and the ecological center.

A public conflict erupted over the weekend after the Public Ministry ruled the property of the Ukana-Akumal Center private and began working on the installation of a fence to establish appropriate property boundaries.

The move resulted in hostile behavior among traders who appeared with machetes, sticks and stones. Both sides became involved as violence broke out leaving a palapa and motorcycle burned.

Local police were requested as both cooperatives and Akumal fisherman accused the CEA of conatus, saying that they are forcing the closure of the natural beach entrance, which is now completely controlled by them.

The Bay of Akumal also continues to deal with other problems including the deterioration of its natural resources, specifically sea turtles and coral from excessive tourism. Last month, state officials placed a temporary suspension on tour groups swimming with sea turtles.


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