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Villa Maya residents without water due to developer’s unpaid bill

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. – Residents of Villa Maya spent the weekend without water due to an unpaid bill homebuyers have contractually inherited.

Villa Maya residents requested an intervention from Aguakan in an attempt to have their water supply restored, but to no avail. Local residents of the large complex are without water due to an outstanding bill from the developing company, Homex.

A resident of the complex said that “Since the weekend we’ve been without water. In fact the macromedidor that is used for each individual meter stopped on Friday.”

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Another resident said, “We are stuck with the problem of paying a water debt that is over 38 million peso, and although CAPA said it would wait for Homex to come out of bankruptcy, it seems that Aguakan is already leaving us without water.”

A resident who preferred to remain anonymous said that those most affected by the water issues are those who mortgaged their homes through FOVISSSTE.

Residents from one of the buildings have set a meeting in an attempt to find a remedy for that and other problems left behind by Homex including water leaks.

Homex owes the Committee on Water Supply and Sewage (CAPA), 38.4 million peso. Homex filed for bankruptcy last year.

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