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Villa Maya residents left with 38 million peso bill

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. – Residents of Villa Maya have been left with a large unpaid debt from the Mexican-based housing development company, Homex.

Desarrolladora Homex, S.A.B. de C.V. has left Villa Maya residents with one of the largest water debts recorded in the state.  Nearly 38 million peso is owed to CAPA after the developer claimed bankruptcy without paying the debt.

Marrufo Carlos Roldan, director of Debts Recovery and Fiscal Executions of the Commission of Water and Sewerage (CAPA), reported that Culiacan SA de CV and Homex, the two companies that jointly developed Villa Maya, owes nearly 38 million peso to CAPA for services between November of 2011 to May 2015.

In 2013, when the debt was 6 million peso, CAPA suspended their water service as leverage which led to a protest by local people. CAPA had to back down and reinstate the water service without Homex paying the debt.

Villa Maya continues to have administration problems as well as a growing debt incurred by Homex. One of the major problems now is that under the state’s Safe Drinking Water Act, those who occupy the land are obligated the pay debts generated by services, a cost that residents of Villa Maya are not willing to pay.

Residents of Villa Maya say the debt rose because in 2011, when construction began, CAPA had been instructed to change the hydraulic infrastructure in order to provide the water service. However, the changes were never made and, four years later, water leaks in the pipes continue to drip and damage the residential street, causing potholes.

Roldan says that, “They never made the changes in the pipeline which were made by individual contracts in each apartment or house by CAPA, but instead, they installed a macromedidor on behalf of Homex, and that generated the debt of 38 million. It’s never been paid.”

He says that canceling the water service is no longer an option. Now, they have to focus on Homex bank accounts, but since 2014, the Directorate Recovery of Tax Debts and Executions has prevented them from doing so.

Desarrolladora Homex, S.A.B. de C.V. operates through four divisions: Mexico Division, International Division, Government Division and Tourism Division. In mid-2014, Homex applied for bankruptcy. Nationwide, the construction of all homes was suspended and, to their customers, the projects abandoned.

With the intervention of the city and the bank, people are left wondering where they stand. There were approximately 300 properties bought through FOVISSSTE and with the decentralization of the company, some property owners are not being given their deeds.

Abraham Roldán, a resident of Villa Maya, said that, “The people who bought with FOVISSSTE are not certain of their property. In the Public Registry their names do not appear in Notary 42 and they are being told they cannot have their deeds.”

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