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Video shows jeep hitting car wash, collapsing tunnel

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — An accident at the Green Wash service station at Las Américas Plaza ended with a destroyed car wash station and severly damaged vehicle.

The incident occurred Thursday morning at the Green Wash car wash service at Plaza Las Américas. An SUV jeep entered the tunnel, hitting the side of the structure which knocked out supports, collapsing the large wash rollers.

Not realizing he was on camera, the driver of the SUV initially claimed the accident was caused by failure of the automatic rollers that clean the exterior of the vehicles. However Green Wash posted their version of the accident, which clearly shows the Jeep entering the wash tunnel at a high rate of speed where he smashed into the side of the structure, collapsing the rollers and a portion of the tunnel.

In a statement, the company said the accident was caused “due to the impact of a Jeep type vehicle against our washing equipment.”

Tempers over the incident flared which resulted in police being called, however, they did not intervene. No injuries were reported.