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US stats show large increase in American passengers to Cancun airport

Cancún, Q.R. — Cancun continues to see an increase in passenger flow despite the busy Atlantic hurricane season.

Given the amount of destruction seen by Mother Nature this year along the Atlantic coast of the United States, the flow of passengers from various parts of the United States to Cancun continues to increase.

While some months saw a decrease in passenger traffic into the tropical city, most months resulted in the arrival of more and more people looking to vacation in the region. According to the United States Department of Commerce, the month of September reflected the largest decrease in passengers into Cancun from several key American cities as many were recovering from tropical storms and hurricanes.

The US State Department shows that in September, visitors from Dallas were down 5.9 percent, while 1.6 percent less folks came from Atlanta. Miami had the largest drop in volume as 24.8 percent less people arrived to Cancun. Approximately 16 percent more people stayed in Orlando rather than visit Cancun in September, while Houston was not far behind with a decrease of 13.4 percent in passenger traffic to the Mexican Caribbean.

Even with these decreases, the city of Cancun came out with a 7 percent passenger increase as other American cities made up for the lag. Visitors from the city of Los Angeles showed an increase of 42 percent, while 21 percent more Americans arrived from Fort Lauderdale and 18.5 percent from the city of Chicago.

Figures from the US State Department show an overall increase of 7 percent in US passenger traffic into Cancun so far this year.

The Department of Commerce of the United States says that during the first nine months of the year, they have recorded 3,580,639 American passengers landing in the city of Cancun. These passengers have come mostly from Atlanta, Los Angeles , Dallas, Chicago and New York.

From January to September, the largest increase in passenger traffic has come from the city of Los Angeles with a market increase of 58.1 percent followed by New York with a 22 percent increase and Chicago with 21 percent. Passengers arriving from the city of Houston also grew by 5.5 percent.

Cancun and Riviera Maya continue to get ready for the upcoming season as hundreds of thousands are expected to arrive over the Christmas, New Year and Spring Break season.