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US says American Union committed to Mexico

Mexico City, Mexico — In a recent meeting with Mexico’s Foreign Minister, US Secretary of Internal Security said that the American Union is committed to Mexico adding that the two countries are allies and friends.

Kirstjen Nielsen, Secretary of Internal Security of the United States, said that no one should underestimate the strength and commitment of the American Union with Mexico and that “We are neighbors, we are allies and we are friends”.

At a press conference, Luis Videgaray, head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, explained that important steps were taken to strengthen security relations including security at the ports of entry to ensure travel between the two countries is safe and legitimate.

“We also talked about international criminal organizations, how we can attack them. We talked to see how we can remain engaged in this work. We also talked about Central America and our mutual interest in prosperity in the Central American countries, but mostly reinforcing security,” Videgaray explained.

Nielsen added that Mexico and the United States are committed to maintaining a good relationship with a goal of prosperity for the two countries.

The US official added that the agreements signed during the recent meeting will help in the development of the implementation of the programs, and that compliance will continue to be observed and the exchange facilitated.

Nielsen explained that in addition to the three signed agreements, there are more than 25 memorandums of understanding and letters of intent that are being worked on at the same time, stressing “The United States is committed to its work and alliance with Mexico.”