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US officials land at Mexico City to discuss key topics

Mexico City, Mexico — The US Secretary of State arrived in Mexico City Friday to meet with Mexican officials including the current president and president-elect.

Air Force One landed at the hangar of the National Defense Secretariat in Mexico City Friday morning where the group on board was transferred to Los Pinos, the official residence and office of the President of Mexico.

US Secretary of State, Michael Pompeo, met with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the current president of Mexico and president-elect, Andrés Manuel López Obrador in separate meetings.

Mike Pompeo acknowledged the electoral victory of Andrés Manuel López Obrador and expressed interest in the governments working together through a “cordial relationship” with the new Mexican administration.

Future chancellor, Marcelo Ebrard Casaubón, said the US respects the outcome of the election and that they are looking at the next president of Mexico with enthusiasm. The team met for nearly 50 minutes and included Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen as well as Donald Trump’s son-in-law and White House adviser, Jared Kushner.

The Mexican and American officials met to discuss several central points including migration, security and the Free Trade Agreement (FTA). The future secretaries of Foreign Affairs, Governance, Finance, Economy and Public Safety, Marcelo Ebrard, Olga Sanchez Cordero, Carlos Urzua, Graciela Márquez and Alfonso Durazo also attended.

Michael Pompeo also made a public address at the United States Embassy in Mexico City before returning to the US.