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US-Mexican man legally changes name to Trump

Houston, Texas —  A Texas judge has approved the name-change of a man who calls himself the “undeportable one”.

Ernesto Baeza Acosta, who is now legally Ernesto Trump, changed his name after approval by a Texas judge. The heavily tattooed man, who posts outrageous video stunts on YouTube, wrote on his petition that his new name would be “more suitable for professional purposes”.

The Texas Trump calls himself the President’s son, complete with doctored photos, saying “I am the undeportable one.” On Twitter, President Trump’s favorite platform, he posted a tweet to the President saying, “So… when are you going to pick me up for the weekend?”

In a YouTube video, Mr. Trump reveals that his parents arrived in the United States illegally from Mexico 40 years before. Trump, who is 34 years old, was born in Houston saying his parents entered the US from Mexico illegally four decades ago.

He said his mother is upset about his name change as she is not a supporter of the President, but Trump admits although he is a fan of the President, he did not vote because he was not registered, but did say he’s supported the president ever since he was elected.

“The man, to me, has done nothing wrong,” he said, adding, “He ain’t trying to take our guns away. A lot of us here in Texas like guns.”