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US imports more beer from Mexico than any other country

Mexico City, Mexico — Mexico has become the number one supplier of beer exported into the United States in 2017 say officials.

According to a report by Bloomberg, two out of every three beers imported by the United States comes from Mexico with Corona and Dos Equis being the most popular brands.

The report says that according to the Beer Institute, during 2017, approximately 2.7 billion liters of Mexico’s brew headed across the US border, making it the number one beer importer for Americans.

The Netherlands came in as the second most imported, exporting some 549 million liters to gain a market share of almost 14 percent. Belgium, Canada and Germany followed behind with single-digit market share figures.

The most popular Mexican brands include Corona Extra and Modelo Especial, both manufactured for the US market by Constellation Brands as well as Dos Equis and Tecate, produced by the subsidiary Cuauhtemoc Moctezuma de Heineken.