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US Coast Guard rescues two from Cozumel found drifting at sea

Key West, Florida — Two Mexican men were rescued by US Coast Guard officials after they were reported seen floating in a small vessel off the coast of Florida.

The two men, both from the island of Cozumel, were heading to the area to buy a boat. However, after setting sail from Isla Cozumel, the pair encountered trouble with their vessel, which ended up sinking.

Both men were forced into an emergency boat that they reportedly floated in for three days before being found. The pair were spotted by a crew from the boat, Irish Cowboy, who reported their situation to local Coast Guard authorities.

American officials set out to sea, rescuing the pair approximately 15 miles south of Key West. Coast Guard Cutter Terrell Horne crew members transported the two men to safety.

The two were identified as 55-year-old Luis Erosa and his nephew Néstor Erosa, 29. According to the US Coast Guard, the pair explained that they experienced problems that led to the sinking of their boat about 115 miles southwest of Key West that left them stranded at sea for three days before being rescued.

There were no reported injuries.