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US-bound fare searches down after Trump travel ban

International flight searches to the US are down 17 percent since Trump’s travel ban, says Hopper, the travel app that uses data to predict and analyze airfares. The company reports that at the same time last year, travel saw only a 1.8 percent decline, concluding that the decrease in demand does not appear to be seasonal.

Since the airfare market normally takes weeks to react, the drop in demand has had little impact on prices.

Searches for US flights from six of the seven banned countries also yielded a 33 percent decline. Search data from 122 countries was analyzed between December 29 and February 1. Of those 122 countries, 94 showed a decrease in travel searches when compare to statistics from the last three weeks of the Obama presidency.

Their figures showed that searches for China-US flights were down 33 percent. Travel searches to Australia have seen a  25 percent decrease, while Mexico experienced a 21 drop in travel searches. Other Latin American countries such as Venezuela and Brazil have also seen a decline in travel searches.

Only two countries have shown an increase in US travel searches. India with a 1 percent increase and Russia with an 88 percent increase.

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