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US army officers offer specialized training to Mexican army, navy

Cozumel, Q.R. — US army officers have been on the island of Cozumel since last month, providing specialized training to members of the Mexican army and navy.

For many years, Cozumel has remained the headquarters for training and diving where members of the Mexican army and navy are prepared to react to missions when, and if, necessary. It is also where members of the US military have been coming for several years to help with specialized training for the Mexican army and navy.

The Mexican military, especially those of the Special Forces, jointly train with with their commando counterparts whose primary tasks are protecting land, air and sea.

According to information provided by the interior of the militia, officers from the United States Northern Command have been in Cozumel since last month providing training to members of the Special Forces of the Mexican Navy, noting the US military arrived to train their Mexican counterparts in technical and tactical knowledge.

The tactical instruction will continue until the end of August. There are five specialized military training camps for military forces, with the island of Cozumel being one.