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Upcoming state job fair looking to fill 6,800 positions

Cancun, Q.R. – Approximately 6,800 job positions will be offered during the next job fair beginning in Cancun.

At least 200 companies will be represented at the upcoming Fair for Employment and Labor Services set to take place in various regions across the state from March 14 to 28. Jobs at the fair will be offered in nine of the state’s municipalities totaling 6,800 positions they anticipate will attract nearly 5,000 job seekers.

During a press conference, Catalina Portillo Navarro of Labor and Social Welfare said that on the first day of the job fair, 65 Cancun companies will be present offering a total of 3,250 jobs. While many of these jobs will offer an average monthly salary of 6,600 peso, there will be managerial positions available with salaries up to 50,000 peso per month.

On March 15, the fair will continue at the Royal Inn Hotel in Playa del Carmen where 30 companies will be looking to fill 2,124 vacancies. The fair will move to Isla Mujeres on March 16 where 12 companies are hoping to fill their 133 empty positions before it moves on to Chetumal where 30 companies will be offering 600 jobs. The fair will then move ahead to Felipe Carrillo Puerto on March 21 and Puerto Morelos on March 22. It will arrive on Cozumel on March 23, Tulum on March 24 where it will remain until it heads to Bacalar on the 28.

The upcoming job fair will also have openings available for the disabled and elderly as part of their “Opening Spaces”.

For detailed times and municipality places:

Playa del Carmen, Hotel The Royal Inn, March 15

Isla Mujeres, Domo de Zona Urbana de Rancho Viejo, March 16

Chetumal, Salon Bellavista Bulevar Bahía, March 17

Felipe Carrillo Puerto, Domo Doble de la Col. Cecilio Chi, March 21

Puerto Morelos, Domo Deportivo Col. Zetuna Gasca, March 22

Cozumel, Parque Q. Roo Col. Gonzalo Guerrero, March 23

Tulum, Domo deportivo del Parque Dos Aguas, March 24

Bacalar, Domo Doble Col. Serapio Flota Maas, March 28



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