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Underwater museum planned for Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. – Nearly 1,000 artificial structures will be part of a new underwater museum planned for Playa del Carmen.

The $6 million USD investment project will consist of 943 artificial structures placed in 19 sections across 79 underwater hectares. The project’s legal secretary Pablo Besquin Ortiz Rubio, entered the environmental impact statement March 17.  The project is headed by Thetys SA de CV, who plans to construct the large park in the vicinity of Mamitas Beach in central Playa del Carmen.

If approved, the project will consist of two parts, an underwater museum of sculptures and an aquatic park. Both parts of the project will be set a minimum of 600 meters from shore in varying depths of water.

The first stages of the project will consist of four sections before opening to the public, however the entire project is expected to take six years to complete.

The company states that the underwater structures are made of material that promotes coral life. The concept of the underwater museum is to help promote the recovery of the natural reefs by offering tourists an alternative dive site since diving is the number two visitor activity in the region.


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