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Ultramar says they are ready to operate on Cancun’s Nichupté Lagoon

Cancun, Q.R. — With two boats ready and another four under construction, Ultramar says they are ready and willing to operate maritime transportation in the lagoon next year.

Ultramar manager Germán Orozco indicated that the company remains ready and willing to provide the service, adding that any time next year, they are hoping to begin operations on the Lagunar Nichupté System as a mobility option for the area.

He says they have two boats ready to start tests and have another four in the process of construction, each of which with a cost of between $3.5 to $4 million USD. He indicated that the permits to operate are in process, since in order to begin the procedures, they must first produce all the vessels.

“First you need to have the boats to ask for permits. You cannot ask for permits on something that does not exist, so first you build the boats then you apply for your license plates, your public service permits and then begin to operate.”

He pointed out that they do not see any major problems with the installation of the maritime terminal, ensuring that it will not be located in Tajamar but on the side, adding that the impact of their boats to the lagoon will be minimal.

The company maintains the points of arrival of the vessels at kilometer 9 of the Cancun Hotel Zone at Punta Cancún and at kilometer 15 at the height of the hotel Le Blanc. He says that the price for tickets will depend on the price of fuel and the US dollar at the time, adding that there have been talks of 30 peso for locals.

Germán Orozco says they anticipate the ferry service to be a good option for the 300,000 people who enter and leave the hotel zone on a daily basis, while being able to help alleviate area traffic.