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Ultramar proposal for Cancun lagoon ferry service not viable say businessmen

Cancun, Q.R. — The Nichupté lagoon transport service proposed by ferry company Ultramar, is being met with some criticism as businesses say it is not a viable solution.

Earlier this month, Ultramar announced their new ferry system which will consist of a shuttle service from Tajamar Malecon to kilometers 9 and 14 of the Cancun Hotel Zone. Aside from being faced with environmental opposition, the company is also facing critics who are calling it an “unclear” project.

Santiago Carrillo Sánchez, general manager of Autocar, the urban collective transport service in downtown Cancun, refers to the Ultramar proposal as an “unclear” project that would only generate more congestion.

He says that moving that many people would require a mass amount of public transport vehicles at the other end. Instead, he says that specialized lanes for use with longer buses such as a metrobus, would be more practical.

He adds that both the current Cancun public transportation systems, Autocar and Turicun, could provide the service with longer, lighter buses. He says that next year, both companies may consider acquiring 360 units that would run on natural gas, running 50 percent less expensive than the current gasoline buses.

Carrillo Sánchez explains that the initiative would coincide with the introduction of the gas pipeline from the Yucatan to Cancun and down into Playa del Carmen that is currently being analyzed.

He says the main thing is to modify the infrastructure and carry out an adequate urban plan because without it, any solution regarding vehicles is impossible.

“If we do not start to fix the infrastructure of the city you will not be able to change any transportation model, whatever you want, electric, trains, subway, trucks.

“It’s necessary to look at the infrastructure of the city, the administration of the traffic lights and the times,” he added, referring to the recent Municipal Planning study.

Despite reservations and environmental concerns, Ultramar says that they already have the permits, two specialized ferries and the intention to begin offering the lagoon ferry service within three months.