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Cancun Uber driver released, matter settled through reparatory agreement

Cancun, Q.R. – After a legal analysis of a recent deadly dispute between members of the local taxi union and Uber, the Attorney General’s Office says the matter will be settled as a reparatory agreement.

A roadside altercation on October 26 between two Cancun union taxi drivers and an Uber driver left one injured and one dead that resulted in the Cancun Uber driver being arrested. In a press release, the Attorney General’s Office says that after legal analysis, they have released Uber driver Edgar Rojas.

They said that “In relation to the traffic events that arose Thursday morning on Avenida Luis Donaldo Colosio which resulted in a detained person, an injured person and an identified deceased person, it has been determined that the present case can be solved through a reparatory agreement, in accordance with articles 187 Fraction II, 188 and 189 of the National Code of Criminal Procedures, being that the Public Ministry has the obligation to privilege the resolution of conflicts through the alternative mechanisms of dispute settlement through which the current Criminal Justice System offers.”

Jorge Portilla Mánica of the Secretariat of Infrastructure and Transport (Sintra), says he can not do his job with five inspectors and two patrols for Cancún, not mentioning the fact that four other Sintra inspectors were released of their duty in late June for corruption-related offenses.

Both Portilla Mánica and Jesús Lezama González of the Taxi Drivers’ Union Andrés Quintana Roo have been heavily criticized for allowing and even allegedly encouraging abusive incidences against Uber drivers.

Alejandro Ramos Hernández is the Transportation Director of Sintra, which is the agency in charge of verifying and sanctioning traffic violations according to the Law and Regulations of Transit Exploitation and Roads in the State of Quintana Roo.

This includes drivers that participate in acts of violence, whether in their unit or while wearing a uniform of the company to which they belong.

To date, sanctions against the taxi drivers union has been minimal or nil in contrast to the figures of Uber’s numerous detained cars and more than 120 million peso in fines.