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Uber Cancun vote to cost tax payers 12 million

Cancun, Q.R. — The upcoming public consultation vote on Uber Cancun will cost city tax payers more than 12 million peso.

State congress officials are calling the 12.7 million peso bill from the Electoral Institute of Quintana Roo “disproportionate”, noting that the vote will only take place in the municipality of Benito Juárez.

“It seems to me that this idea of the Electoral Institute of Quintana Roo of wanting to collect almost 13 million peso is disproportionate,” said State Congress president, Eduardo Martínez Arcila.

“I do not think it’s fair given the economic conditions that the state is going through because the only thing the labor authority has to do is place a ballot box and print some ballots without all the security locks that a ballot for constitutional elections demands,” he added.

He says that the 12.7 million peso bill is high since, not only is the vote held only for Cancun, it also consists of only 540,000 ballots.

“It does not seem justified that the Electoral Institute of Quintana Roo intends to generate this expense. I know that the state does not have enough resources to allocate that amount of money,” he said.

The proposal for the public consultation for Uber Cancun was by Governor Carlos Joaquín González, who set the date for July 1, the same day of the federal elections. Citizens will be asked if they approve or disapprove of Uber Cancun being authorized to operate in the city.

In April, the government of Quintana Roo submitted a new Citizen Participation Law that would allow citizens to participate in the approval or rejection of some topics of importance such as Uber Cancun.