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Uber Cancun stays like it or not, state tells taxi union

Cancun, Q.R. — Uber stays, say authorities who add that other companies such as Airbnb are also part of the permanent scene local businesses need to get used to.

During the recent Congress Alacero 2017, Undersecretary of Industry and Commerce Rogelio Garza, says that businesses in the state of Quintana Roo must be adaptable to the modern changes taking place.

He explains that for “The new business models that are generated with the 4th industrial revolution such as Uber and Airbnb, we have to adapt the regulatory frameworks otherwise the revolution will go with or without us, and they will work with or without us.”

He added that all countries must rise to this 4th industrial revolution, especially in a complicated time where next year, elections will take place in several Latin American countries that will involve many changes.

“We have to modernize the processes, be more agile in decision making, work together more with the industry.”

Rogelio Garza says, “In Mexico, in addition to the elections, we also have the renegotiation of NAFTA, where we are facing opposing positions.”

We need to turn Latin America into a more competitive region and be able to overcome obstacles.

Portilla Mánica, Secretary of Infrastructure and Transportation for Quintana Roo says that Uber will stay in the state, but regulated. He says the state is a global destination and should diversify and improve the services offered to tourists and locals.

He says it is time to end monopolistic practices and improve mobility in the state for the benefit of everyone, adding that regardless if the taxi union likes it or not, Cancun Uber stays.

Portilla Mánica explains that once the new law comes into effect, everyone must comply including Uber, who will have to pay taxes to operate legally. Portilla Mánica declared that they will not be intimidated by any union, because the law will be enforced and no more violence will be allowed, referring to the October altercation between an Uber driver and local taxi union that left one dead.

Any dealer involved in acts outside the law will be sanctioned, including the removal of the license plate.

“Taxi drivers are not an authority nor do they have one. They are concessionaires of a service. They do not even own the plates,” he explained adding the taxi drivers are being invited to correct their “areas of opportunity” by changing the units in poor condition and improving the working conditions of their operators.