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Uber Cancun likely to resume services in September

Cancun, Q.R. — With the approval and now publishing of the new Mobility Law for Quintana Roo, Uber Cancun could begin offering services by early September.

On June 14, the new Mobility Law of Quintana Roo was published in El Periódico Oficial de Quintana Roo, making it an official law. The new law will become enforceable 90 days from its publication, which means digital platforms such as Uber could begin offering their services starting September 11.

The changes to the previous Mobility Law were extensive, with the new law affecting everything from the operation of tow trucks to the legalization of digital transportation services. The new law will also see the creation of a new Mobility Institute which will be run by non-political parties, which until the new law takes effect, is still overseen by the state governor.

The law, which was set to be part of the July 1 political vote only in Benito Juarez, was approved in a surprise move May 28 to which taxi drivers from around the state viciously protested.

However, after a meeting with state governor Carlos Joaquín, the protests seized but not before hundreds of tourists and flights out of the Cancun International Airport were affected.

In December, Uber Cancun agreed to suspend its services until the creation and / or passing of a new mobility law which would allow them legal entry into the state transportation market.