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Uber Cancun appeals for speedy passing of mobility law, investigate continued collusion

Cancun, Q.R. — Some 1,600 Uber members in Cancun made an appeal to the State Congress to speed up the issue of the Mobility Law so that Uber can return and work within a legal framework. They also asked the Benito Juárez City Council to investigate the supposed collusion between its transit agents and taxi drivers.

Recognizing that there are “infiltrators” that generate division within their ranks, a group of partners met to make agreements in order for the digital platform to operate again in a scenario of respect and protection, without harassment on the part of traffic agents, Sintra inspectors and taxi drivers.

Among the points that they requested of the municipal authorities, was to promote an audit to the Andrés Quintana Roo taxi driver’s union to verify if they allocated resources for the campaign of harassment and aggression against Uber operators.

They added that the Transit agents involved in the arrests made by taxi drivers against drivers of the platform must be discharged, since they acted as accomplices.

They added that the uniformed people used their mobile phones to alert the union of their movements, which is unlawful.

Finally, they said that since the Uber platform is not in use, they should stop arresting their units, “given that all the officers have a record of each vehicle, on which they are based to carry them out.”