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Two YZA pharmacies robbed in Playa del Carmen in same day

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Two pharmacies of the same company were robbed in broad daylight in Playa del Carmen, both on the same day.

An armed man entered a YZA farmacias on Avenida Constituyentes with 75 in the El Pedregal neighborhood Friday. According to the man working the store at the time, an armed individual entered the store and demanded cash.

The store clerk handed over nearly 2,000 peso from the register. Before leaving, the thief helped himself to several other items.

Earlier Friday, another YZA store clerk was assaulted with a gun when a man entered the store demanding cash and merchandise. That assault occurred at the YZA farmacias along Avenida Juarez with 125.

Security footage of suspect from Avenida Juarez.

The female store clerk said a man entered the premises with a pocket-sized weapon, removed 1,500 peso from the cash and made off with merchandise including 40 cartons of cigarettes and her personal cell phone.

This is the third time this week an YZA pharmacy has been robbed in Playa del Carmen. There are yet to be any arrests.