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Two tourists released after being accused of damaging artifacts

Villahermosa, Tabasco — Two men accused of vandalizing archaeological pieces at a museum park in Villahermosa have been released by a state judge.

On October 3, two Indonesian tourists were arrested and accused of vandalizing 15 archaeological pieces by spraying them with oil. The oil is alleged to have left marks and/or stains on the stone pieces.

Police arrested both Abraham Theodoric, 28 and Alexander Tiu, 40 for damaging at least 15 of the 33 pieces inside La Venta Park Museum.

The Director of Heritage of the State Institute of Culture, Rebeca Perales Vela, reported that two men poured oil on the pieces according to the museum’s surveillance video.

Two tourists arrested, accused of damaging artifacts

After a review of the video, a Tabasco judge ordered the pair release after “not finding enough evidence against them.” The men were released Saturday morning “for lack of evidence” with the judge saying the videos did not clearly or explicitly show the two museum visitors damaging the pieces.

Testimony from park security guards also worked in their favor when they testified not actually seeing the men throw oil on the artifacts.

Theodoric and Tiu were advised by their embassy in Mexico.