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Two sea turtle nests found looted at Mahahual

Mahahual, Q.R. — An environmental group has requested the intervention of authorities after noticing the eggs from two turtle nests were looted.

The two empty nests were found along the beaches of Mahahual by citizens who forwarded the complaint to Proyecto AAk Mahahual AC. The environmental group says that during a tour Saturday morning in a turtle nesting area, they noticed that two turtle nests were looted.

Photo: Proyecto AAk Mahahual AC

They say the looted eggs are due to a lack of awareness of local citizens, adding that stealing turtle eggs is a federal crime. They point out that according to Mexico law, it is illegal to capture, damage or deprive of life any specimen of turtle or marine mammal, or collect or store in any way its products or by-products.

“Hopefully more people will become aware and leave these practices for the common good of all, especially in such an important area of tourism where many depend on their natural resources and their species as a tourist attraction.”

A call has been made to authorities to take action on the protection of the nests and the sea turtles who are still laying eggs on the beaches.