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Two people reported for mistreatment of wildlife for selfie

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. – Local authorities have filed a complaint against two people who are being accused of the mistreatment of a pelican in order to take a selfie.

A woman was seen holding a tagged pelican with its beak clasped closed while a man stood behind her to take a selfie. The image of them was snapped by photographer, Brice Wolff on February 29 along the beach of Punta Esmeralda.

Artemio Chávez Vargas, director of Environmental Inspection, has prepared a complaint against the pair for the alleged mistreatment of wildlife. He says the complaint will be filed with the Federal attorney for Environmental Protection.

He explained that, “In this regard, Profepa can take further action for punishment as we will make a report to Profepa, but we will need more information. The complaint we are filing is for people to become aware about animals and wildlife. Yesterday the complaint was sent to environmental inspectors but so far, we have not heard anything.”

Although pelicans are not considered an endangered species, the National Biodiversity Commission says that the bird is an important part of the coastal ecosystem. Chávez Vargas urges people to refrain from handling local wildlife as well as fauna around the city as many of the species are threatened and are protected by local state and federal laws.

In February, a baby dolphin was retrieved from the sea in Argentina and passed around a group of tourists for selfies. The dolphin later died.

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