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Two meter Boa found in woman’s yard

Chetumal, Q.R. – Firefighters were dispatched to a home in Chetumal early Sunday morning from a woman who called 066 emergency. The woman said she has a large snake at her home.

The woman said her children found a snake in the courtyard of their home and that she feared for the safety of her children and pets.

When fire fighters arrived to the house on Maxuxac Avenue in Chetumal, it did not take them long to see the snake.

Once on the scene they found a large Boa about two meters in length under a table. They managed to capture the snake by luring it into a sack using a stick. The snake was placed inside the rescue unit to be released into the wild away from populated areas.

People are reminded to call emergency 066 to capture these types of animals rather than take it upon themselves to kill the reptiles, which is too often the case.

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