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Two men on motorcycle murdered in Cancun

Cancún, Q.R. — Two men were murdered Wednesday night in Cancun by what witnesses say were hitmen in a private vehicle.

The murders occurred around 8:10 p.m. in SM 48 of the city at Puesta del Sol apartments on Avenida La Luna in Cancun. Reports say that two men were shot and killed when shots were fired from a private vehicle.

The two men were riding together on a motorcycle when the shooting occurred. They were intercepted by a vehicle. People inside the vehicle shot at them repeatedly, killing both.

After an Emergency 911 dispatch, police arrived with Red Cross paramedics, who pronounced the two as deceased. The area was cordoned off while additional authorities arrived to investigate.

The State Attorney General’s Office found shell casings at the scene, but they have not released how many and of what caliber. The bodies were transferred to the Forensic Medical Service.