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Two men arrested in Cancun related to 37 area killings

Cancun, Q.R. — Two people have been arrested in Cancun that authorities say are likely related to at least 37 executions that have occurred already this year.

During a press conference held in Mexico City by the National Security Commissioner, Renato Sales Heredia reported that as part of the first results of Operation Titan Shield that was deployed in areas with the highest incidence of crime in the country, they have arrested a total of four men labeled as dangerous criminals.

The two Cancun arrests are being credited to the intelligence work of the federal police that arrived in the city in an attempt to stop the wave of organized crime. A total of 5,000 federal personnel were deployed to high risk cities around Mexico. Cancun was one of those cities.

The deployment has finally yielded its first fruit with the arrest of two people that authorities say are related to 37 deaths between Cancun and Puerto Morelos this year, as well as drug distribution.

Alejandro “N” and Pablo “N”, were arrested February 10, the same day that an officer of the Federal Police that performed intelligence work in Cancun was killed.