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Two Gran Solaris council hearings result in complete no shows

Cancun, Q.R. — Representatives for the Gran Solaris hotel at Cancun’s Playa Delfines were a no-show for both of their scheduled hearings, forcing the city to hand matters over to council.

The company Villas Solaris S de RL de CV did not attend either of the scheduled meetings at the Benito Juárez Town Hall, the latest of which was set for December 12.

In lieu of their no-shows, Cancun city council is obligated to provide them 15 days to appear, after which time, matters will be handed over to Cabildo, the administrative council, says Mirna Martínez Jara, City Council trustee.

“We are complying with what is established by the law of the municipalities in the area of the review and will carry out with the legal terms,” she said.

She explained that the company has already been notified by the court that they need to present themselves in order to continue with the procedure, and until then, all work on the hotel will continue to be suspended until matters are resolved by City Council.

“We insist that the unification of the land is not valid and that after the merger, the permits were not registered. The project is on a land that does not exist. They must re-plan things for a density allows them 180 rooms, and until they do, they cannot move forward,” said City Alderman Antonio Meckler.

In November, the company was endorsed by the Secretary of Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnat) to develop a tourist complex with more than 400 rooms. The Secretary of Urban Development, Javier Zubiran Padilla, said that the same administration also issued the permits which caused a lot of criticism.