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Two die in fiery road crash due to negligent bus

Felipe Carrillo Puerto, Q.R. — A parked bus along the side of the highway is responsible for an accident that claimed the life of two while injuring two others.

An accident that ended in a fiery crash occurred Sunday morning while a family was traveling along the Andrés Quintana Roo-Felipe Carrillo Puerto section toward the town of X-Hazil.

Police say that a large passenger bus and small private truck were completely engulfed in flames after the private vehicle rear-ended the parked bus. The accident was recorded at 1:00 a.m. Sunday when Emergency 911 received the call.

Police, firemen and medical services rushed to the scene that was called in along the federal highway. When they arrived, they found a Yucatan-plated Nissan truck smashed into the back of a passenger bus.

Photo: PGR

The bus apparently suffered mechanical problems and was stopped along the side of the highway, but without any running hazard or warning lights. Reports say that upon impact, the bus almost immediately caught fire, which engulfed the Nissan.

Both Nissan passengers, a woman and her grandchild, became trapped inside the truck and died in the fire. Police say inside the truck they found the charred remains of 76-year-old Maria N. In the bed of the truck, they found a deceased minor.

Passengers on the bus managed to escape the flames by exiting through windows with only two reporting injuries.

Agents of the Federal Police Division closed the road while they removed the burned vehicles and bodies.