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Two burned planes believed used for drug runs found

Chetumal, Q.R. — Two small aircraft believe used in Colombia drug runs have been found along the state border with Belize.

In two separate finds, police have discovered two small aircraft, both intentionally burned, that they say are likely involved in drug smuggling.

One plane was found in a cultivation field in the community of Río Verde in the municipality of Bacalar in the state, while the second was found in northern Belize along the border with Quintana Roo.

Police were called to the Bacalar scene just before 1:00 p.m. when locals reported a burning plane to emergency 911. Police arrived to find the fully engulfed plane and three large gas cans approximately 15 kilometers outside the town. They report more than 80 percent of the aircraft was burned.

A second burned plane was found along the Quintana Roo border that police say was very likely used to run drugs from Central America to Belize. That plane was discovered Thursday by Belize police after it was reported to authorities by local residents. Unofficial reports say locals witnessed men unloading drugs from the plane before setting it on fire.

These latest two planes make a total of seven aircraft this year that have been burned after allegedly bring used to bring narcotics into the region.