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Two American tourists drown on Cabo beach

Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur — Two American tourists have died after being swept away by strong waves on a beach in the popular sea side city of Cabo San Lucas.

According to the US Embassy, the two twin sisters were dragged out to sea by strong swells. The women, both 67, were pulled under the water and toward the sea bottom which resulted in them drowning.

Barbara Thomas and Beverly Sckripsky were on vacation in Cabo San Lucas with their families.“You had two wonderful people walking on the beach full of life a couple of hours before, and now they’re gone,” said Steve Thomas, Barbara’s husband.

“My last memory was: ‘Come with us and go walk’,” said Thomas.”And I did not go. I literally saw her go out the door and she wanted me to go with her.”

When the women failed to return from their walk, authorities were called and a search began. A sandal from one of the women was found on the beach.

“We found one of her sandals and when we found the sandal it was like, my head told me they were gone, but my heart was waiting against all hope,” said Thomas.

The US Embassy in Mexico issued a warning about the potentially deadly conditions on the beaches in areas that are not always clearly marked.

“The beaches on the Pacific and Mar de Cortés sides of the Baja California peninsula, near Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo, can be dangerous due to strong currents, strong currents and unruly waves,” the warning read.

“Swimmers, wading birds and even people who simply walk the beaches have been dragged into the ocean by strong waves. Some have drowned and others have disappeared. Surfers and other water sports enthusiasts should always ask about local conditions before getting in the water,” the Embassy added.