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Turtle nests found on popular PDC beaches

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. – Yesterday morning, Environment Directorate discovered two turtle nests on two seperate popular tourist beaches.

Liana Aké Canto, an official with Environment Directorate, said that after receiving the news she proceeded to the site to inspect and identify the eggs to see if they would need to be relocated.

“We found two white turtle nests. One was located in front of the area known as Mamita and the other at the height of Cocobay hotel.

The first nest was left in situ, while the other is still being assessed to determine if relocation is needed or not,” explained Aké Canto.

In regard to the total number of hatchlings that could be safeguarded in each of the nesting spots, Aké Canto said that nothing can really be determined until they hatch. Meanwhile, the best they can do is continue to guard the area where the eggs are located.

What do you do if you find a turtle nest or eggs on the beach?

Aké Canto explained, “It is important to note that when a tourist or local resident finds a nest of turtle eggs the correct protocol is to call 066 or the Department of Environment so they can work with us to coordinate a visit to the site.”

She stressed the importance of people not touching the eggs or moving them. Doing so will increase the risk of damage to that species of turtle.

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