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Tulum to get more bicycle police

Tulum, Q.R. – Police bicycle patrols along Tulum streets are set to increase.

To strengthen the police program “Barrio”, police bicycle patrols will increase from the current 10 officers to 20. This number will be added to the current 40 police officers that patrol the area on foot. The increase in bicycle patrols will better allow them to survey all areas of the town.

With the addition of bikes, the new bill will help extend surveillance, especially during the night shift.

Director General of Public Security, Traffic and Firefighters, Luis Germán García Méndez, says, “It’s more acceptable by the neighbors that police patrol by foot or by bicycle.”

At present, 10 bicycles are covering the areas of Tumben Ka, Ejido, La Veleta, Xulká, Hurricanes, Villas Tulum as well as the entire periphery of the city.

“The pedestrian police added 40 fixed routes which has resulted in the low rate of theft. Police are equipped with radios to maintain contact with the base so they can request reinforcement when necessary,” he said.

It is estimated that for the 35,000 residents of Tulum, 300 police officers will be required to provide the appropriate security for the entire town.   Currently, there is a group of cadets in training who are waiting to be screened before joining the new surveillance team.

Aside from enforcing the law and combating crime, local police also work with schools to promote civil and social participating to prevent crime.

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