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Tulum taxi drivers block road in protest

Tulum, Q.R. — Dozens of Tulum taxi drivers blocked the National Park entrance over the long weekend in protest after failed talks.

Tulum taxi drivers blocked the entrance on Coba South Avenue stalling traffic from the park and the Tulum-Boca Paila hotel zone for almost two hours. The blockade was in protest to the removal of the taxi sites inside the park.

Taxi drivers said the reason for the protest was because they are no longer allowed to park inside the national park in order to offer services to tourism.

However, talks between the directive of the taxi drivers and Fernando Orozco of the National Park revealed that the taxi sites need to be removed from inside the park to avoid the continued deterioration of the dunes, flora and fauna, and moved to the reserved area to reduce the presence of vehicles in the park.

Taxi drivers say that such a move would see them have to pay for park entrance, something that would make their fares more expensive to the user.

Tourist police as well as officers from traffic and public safety arrived to try to dissuade the blockade and streamline the road for cars and service such as those providing supplies for hotels.

Fernando Orozco says that the directive of both agencies, taxi drivers and national park, will continue with talks.