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Tulum ruins listed as most popular globally

Tulum, Q.R. – Tulum’s famous Mayan archaeological center takes over as one of the most popular global landmarks being described as “Very scenic! Perfect blend of history and fun!”

According to 2017 Traveler’s Choice Top 25 Landmarks in the World, the Tulum ruins are listed in 24th place of the top 25 landmarks knocking out Chichen Itzá. Tripadvisor refers to the site as “One of the best-preserved coastal Maya sites, Tulum is today a popular site for tourists.”

For the Top 10 Attractions in Mexico, Tripadvisor lists Museo Nacional de Antropología (México City), Zona Arqueológica de Chichén Itzá (Chichén Itzá), Parque Xplor (Playa del Carmen), Zona Arqueológica de Teotihuacán (San Juan Teotihuacan), Palacio de Bellas Artes (México City), El Arco de Cabo San Lucas (Cabo San Lucas), Parque Xcaret (Playa del Carmen), Palenque Ruinas (Palenque), Castillo de Chapultepec (Ciudad de México) and Zona Arqueológica de Tulum (Tulum).

The number one most popular landmark in the world for 2017 is Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia. Last year, Chichen Itzá made the list of top 25 global landmarks.