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Tulum police officer shot with own gun after teens attack

Tulum, Q.R. — A Tulum police officer responding to a neighborhood street brawl ended up being shot in the head with his own gun after intercepting a group of teens while on a bicycle patrol.

The incident occurred at 4:35 a.m. when an on-duty policeman making neighborhood safety rounds by bicycle came upon a small group of youth fighting in the street. The officer disembarked from his police-issued bicycle only to be attacked by the brawling teens.

The three wrestled him to the ground. One of the teens managed to located the officer’s gun, disarming him and then shooting him with it.

Officer Angel N, who was conscious, used his radio to call for emergency personnel. The Red Cross arrived to find the officer with a wound to the frontal area of his head. He was transferred to a private hospital.

The teens involved in the shooting remain at large. The Attorney General’s Office opened an investigation folder for the crime of intentional injuries inflicted on a municipal police officer.