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Tulum officials say no more dogs on beaches

Tulum, Q.R. — The Directorate of Civil Protection and Ecology and Federal Maritime Terrestrial Zone are taking what they feel are necessary steps to help better protect Tulum beaches.

These new steps include the installation of public garbage cans, and, according to Jose Alberto Cortes Lagunes, municipal director of Zofemat, also include the prohibition of dogs on beaches.

Lagunes Cortes said that they are taking measures to reduce the presence of dogs on beaches in conjunction with the municipal health management.

The new dog restrictions are being enforced to help keep people safe while using the public beaches. Cortes Lagunes says many people take their dog to the beach, including people who work at the beach. He says those dogs are there all day.

He explains that there is a limitation with the new law on animal protection that prevents them from being collected by the municipal truck because in Tulum, there are no proper facilities to place the animals. He says they do not have a kennel where they can be properly housed, so it is for this reason they cannot remove a street or beach animal, however, the new rules will still be enforced.

Municipal officials will be adding public notices to all areas so both locals and visitors understand the rules about garbage and animals when using the beaches.

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