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Tulum merchants request street vendor control

Tulum, Q.R. — Merchants in the municipality of Tulum are requesting officials control the number of street vendors in the area.

Merchants say that there is a considerable number of unlicensed vendors peddling high traffic areas of the streets and beaches where tourists are found in Tulum. In particular, they say there are a large number of vendors selling to tourists along the Playa Maya area of the beach.

Local handicraft seller Olga Martinez, says these vendors create unfair competition since established businesses have to pay licensing fees and taxes to the municipality while the street vendors do not, adding that since the vendors go directly to the tourists, the tourists do not go to the legally established merchants.

She says that a majority of the beach vendors are foreigners peddling tourists and that the National Institute of Migration should step in to verify their legal status in the country since many of them arrive for work but are without documentation.

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