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Tulum mayor squanders more than a million of public money on tacos

Tulum, Q.R. — The mayor of Tulum is in the spotlight yet again, this time for spending more than a million peso of public money on tacos.

The administration of the town of Tulum is under the magnifying glass of state congress, who referred to the spending as squandered, saying the money should have been put to better use.

The scrutiny comes after an invoice surfaced showing that in August of 2017, the administration of Tulum ordered 10,000 tacos at 120 peso, a price that officials say is 70 percent higher than what a local merchant charges.

The 10,000 tacos were ordered for a September public celebration, however, only 2,000 spectators reportedly showed up. Independent deputy Juan Ortiz Vallejo, says that so many resources are squandered on public gatherings instead of promoting the area as needed.

He says that the legislature learned about the billing of 1.3 million peso by the City of Tulum to a private individual from Yucatan, whose alleged company does not exist at the address provided.

Ortiz Vallejo noted that there are still those who do not understand the times of greater transparency and accountability in which they live, so he urged people of Tulum to demand better management of resources.

He says its the lack of city resources that makes the spending of the municipality more difficult to tolerate and justify, adding they will continue to analyze the situation in Tulum.

In the meantime, signatures are being collected on to have Romalda Dzul Caamal resign from office for the alleged scandal.

“It is time to say enough to the mismanagement that the municipal authorities have been doing in Tulum, led by Romalda Dzul Caamal. It is not possible that millions and millions of pesos will be diverted, as in the case of the order of 10,000 tacos that were distributed during the night of Independence. While those of us living in the municipality are suffering for the insecurity, the garbage collection, for lack of paved streets and drainage, since supposedly, there are not the economic resources to solve the primordial needs of the municipality. NO MORE IMPUNITY!”

Last month, the town’s mayor was in the spotlight for failing to comply with a legal judgement to close a public access road on private property.